• HØw to Se𝓽up PhantØm Walle𝓽 Account?

    Before moving forward, decide the device on which you are comfortable using Phantom. You can use your Android or iOS device and Windows or MacOS device to trade with Phantom. Once you choose the device, connect it with an active internet connection. After setting up the internet on your device, you need to find and install the Phantom app or browser extension. You do not need to provide your details to set up your account and you can easily create your Phantom account by keeping your identity anonymous.


    On your device, open the Phantom app or extension

    Now, you need to choose the ‘Create Wallet’ button

    Then, on the next page, choose the password

    When asked, you need to find and note private key details

    On the next page, verify the private key carefully

    Now, click on the ‘Finish Setup’ button to complete the setup process

    The quickest way to access Phantom Wallet

    Users who have set up their wallets can easily start trading SOL tokens by accessing them. The quick steps to access your Phantom account are listed below:


    From the home screen of the Phantom app or extension

    Now, navigate to the password fields and type the required details

    To avoid errors on the login page, re-check the password details

    Now, click the ‘Access’ button to enter the Phantom’s dashboard

    How to recover Phantom Wallet?

    In case you have lost the access to the Phantom Wallet due to invalid password details, do the following:


    Open Phantom app or extension on your mobile/PC

    Now, you need to choose the ‘Use recovery phrase’ option

    Type the Phantom recovery details and set a new password

    Now, click the ‘Recover’ button to recover your Phantom Wallet


    To sum up, SOL traders who are looking to set up their new Phantom Wallet account need to find and install the Phantom app or browser extension by approaching the appropriate way. For your convenience, we have illustrated simple and quick ways to set up, access, and recover your Phantom Wallet above in this post. To fix an issue with your wallet, contact the Phantom customer support team.